Is the frame data I currently get the latest one? (use api iFrameConsumer->acquireFrame())

When we use api to read the frame data of the camera after the ISP, will the ISP buffer a few frames for, for example, 3D noise reduction?

No clear for your question.
If you mean the frame get from is API is the ISP latest stage output? Then yes.

What I mean is whether the API gets the last frame. For example, some ISP modules will buffer the first frame output by the sensor and not output it. Do some algorithms when the second or third frame comes, and then start outputting the first frame of the ISP module.

is there any ISP’s document?

Yes, ISP need 2 ~ 3 frame for ALG and others calculation. Sorry for don’t have any ISP document.

So when I set the image sensor to trigger mode, and then use iFrameConsumer->acquireFrame() to get the first frame of the trigger, maybe the first frame is not available?

Yes, it’s possible.

ShaneCCC, thanks for your reply.