Is the Geforce 9800 GTX+ a whorty video card to program with cuda?

Hi, Im a newbie at CUDA also at english… so if i have mistakes sry for that :">

I have a 9800GTX+ NV card (and for now i dont have the money to buy another vcard…), and I’m interested in programming with CUDA, but the matter is that can I experience a little supercomputing with it, its affordable progamming with CUDA with this VCARD?

Yes, it is perfectly fine! 9800 GTX is an improved 8800 GTS (info here:…eForce_9800_GTX ) – and I know that the 8800 GTS is good for CUDA, I have tried it myself and was very happy.

oh i see… tnx a lot…" :rolleyes: