Is the Isaac SDK useful for arm-type non-mobile robot ?


It seems that all the features of the Isaac SDK are focused on mobility and navigation. Would it be of any use for the fixed-base robotic arm(s)?

Isaac SDK is built for all types of robot. Navigation/Locomotion as well as Manipulation.

You are right that currently Isaac SDK reference designs (Carter and Kaya) are focused on mobility and navigation.

However, there are Isaac GEMS (robot skills/algos) that can be used for manipulation as well.

In addition, we will be continue to introduce Isaac GEMS as well as new reference designs for other robotic use cases such as manipulation, outdoor navigation and more in the future releases of Isaac SDK.

I’m curious which gems you’re referring to. For example, is there an inverse kinematics gem that I’ve missed?

Also, do you have an ETA for the other things that you mentioned?

The Gems I am referring to are Perception Gems.

For arm motion planning we have not included any inverse kinematics for arm yet. Will do so soon.

Isaac Sim with manipulation support Early access is January 2020.

You can make a request @

The Isaac SDK will follow shortly afterward.