Is the Jetson Nano a vegan product?

We would like to develop a system based on the Jetson Nano and it would be great if we could advertise it as vegan, i.e. that none of its components contained animal components. Is this the case for Jetson Nano? Animal components are sometimes present in glue or may be used during the manufacturing process.

I had to laugh a bit when I saw this due to the wording, but it looks like it may be an actual question and the wording is just coincidentally a bit unexpected. FYI, the circuit board is FR-4 fiberglass/epoxy. Epoxy is definitely not the kind of glue you would use for wood (which is where animal based glues are used).

The glue used on a heat sink is also not going to be an animal product…thermal transfer using an animal based glue would be catastrophically bad.

I doubt you’ll find any specific “proof” of what any electronic device is made of, other than perhaps ROHS compliance reports (but this does not mention animal based content, it only comments on safety issues of materials).

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