Is the Jetson TX2 the right equipment?

I am working on a robotics project that requires very fast object recognition (ideally 50fps+) with very low latency on the video input (sub 10ms ideally) and of course minimal power usage. When the project is done it will need to recognize and track a person but for now, I can just use anything as a stand-in for a proof of concept.

The robot needs to be able to react extremely quickly to real-world situations. Right now I am using the CMU pixy camera, at this phase, I only need it to recognize colored objects so the pixy works, but this is holding me back on lens/resolution.

I am working on the next version and am thinking the TX2 is possibly the best option, any input? Does this sound like a good job for the TX2?


Hi brandonlima, please refer to these benchmarks showing image recognition latency down to 5.6ms (GoogLeNet @ 179 FPS) with TX2 and TensorRT:


For TX2 power benchmarks, see this article: [url][/url]

To deploy a more compact TX2, see many of the miniaturized carriers and enclosures available: [url]Jetson TX2 -

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