Is the L4t OpenCV library built without OpenGL support?

Hi All,

I’ve been trying to use OpenCV3 to read and write some video frames on my TX1 using the cuda module, but I wasn’t able to get the camera working (I can see in the CMake output that it had trouble finding gstreamer and Video I/O was disabled, not really sure how to turn it on.)

Before I fiddle too much with that I thought I’d switch back to OpenCV2 and try the L4t OpenCV libraries. I downloaded and installed them, and some basic code ran fine, but when I tried to create a window with OpenGL support I got an error saying the library was built without OpenCV support.

I suppose that would be the answer to my question, but is this really the case? And if so, why? When I compiled OpenCV3 with OpenGL support on the device I had to make the change referenced at the bottom of this post:

Which I thought was a bit strange. Is this still an issue? Commenting out that line in the cuda header did work, and I was able to create and use OpenGL windows fine (although I didn’t have the cudacodec::Video* classes I wanted when I built from source, which is why I decided to try the prebuilt libraries…)

Hello mynameisjohn, I’m wondering if perhaps the OpenCV 3 installation broke some of the dependencies for the L4T OpenCV libraries. Altering the OpenCV configuration has led to similar issues in the past.

Have you attempted to restore the original L4T software configuration and try again?

No, but I will try that soon. I just need to get an Ubuntu 14.04 machine and flash the device, which I haven’t had time to do recently. That could be the issue, though, as I did mess around in there when I installed OpenCV3, so thanks for your advice. I’ll post back with results.