Is the latest Image supposed to have uart, usb, i2c disabled as defaults?

I just flashed TX2 NX with minimal rootfs. Is USB and UART, I2C all supposed to be disabled?

How did you generate the minimal rootfs? I don’t think any of these should be disabled.
rootfs only affects Linux binaries, but device tree should be kept the same.

I used the latest Jetpack Linux_for_tegra. and ran:
sudo ./
sudo ./
sudo ./ jetson-xavier-nx-devkit-tx2-nx mmcblk0p1

I am using a custom carrier. I have already verified usb3, usb2, uart serial console, i2c, pcie with Jetson Nano.

So what’s your purpose now?
You want them to be enabled or not?

Then maybe there’s something you need to do with device tree.

Thank you DaveYYY
I found the root cause to be SYS_RESET* not driven high.
Which was because I had a resistor (R270 of Nano schematic) acting as pull-down. SYS_RESET* was being driven high by Nano though. I won’t use Realtek hub so I removed the resistor. Now all peripherals work without device tree changes.

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