Is the Noise Reduction related to the auto-exposure?

When I set aeLock=true and set exposure and gain manually, the noise reduction seems not working and there’s a lot more noise in the video compared to the video with the auto-exposure turned on. The ISP digital gain has been set to 1 in both cases.

Does the tnr only work when the auto-exposure is turned on?

I don’t think it relative.
It could be the higher sensor gain cause the noise, please check the sensor gain.

Thank you very much for your reply.

In both cases, I was testing a very dark scene, so the sensor gains were both at the maximum, but the video with ae turned on has far less noise. In both of these cases, I had the tnr turned on.

I also tried with ae ON and tnr OFF and it has much more noise than the case with both ae and tnr ON. So it looks like the tnr was helping reducing the noise in the previous case.
What puzzles me is why the tnr not helping when I had ae OFF and set the exposure and gain manually. I set the exposure and gain through the v4l2-ctl calls.

Anything else that you can think of that might be causing this?

Just confirm the NR feature on Xavier/Xavier NX will refer the AE gain and ISP gain for the strength control.
But TX2/TX1/Nano won’t.

Thanks a lot, that explains my observations. I’m on a Xavier NX.
We need to have a customized control on the sensor gain. Is there a way to go around this so we can control the gain directly and have the tnr working as well?

Try set the gain range and exposure range instead of set aeLock check.

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