Is the ParaView connector ready yet for Omniverse


I’m trying to use the ParaView connector for Omniverse on Linux and don’t quite seem to be able to get it going. I’ve set the PVOV_INSTALL_PATH environment variable to the main install for ParaView 5.9 (not the bin or lib subdirs in case that’s incorrect). I’m following the directions at ParaView — Omniverse Connect documentation but don’t see the plugin available and don’t see any options to install the ParaView connector. I do see connectors available for Houdini, Maya, etc.

I just downloaded Omniverse yesterday (May 18, 2021).


Hi Andy,

It looks like you’ve found the ParaView docs before we were able to upload the build! First off, well played :)

Second, we’re working hard on finalizing the connector and we’ll send word out when its ready.



Sounds good. Docs before functionality is nice – that way when the functionality is there I’ll have documentation to figure out what to do!

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