Is the SOF/EOF time out related to blank period?

Nobody gives me an answer.

I solved it myself.

Blank period is required in VI.

My Sensor is AR0140 + ISP + MAX96705

output 1280 x 800 YUV422 8bit.

Sensor FA sent me the wrong information.(1280x720 ㅠㅠ)

So it was a lot harder.

As a result of my testing, TX1 works abnormally(good frame -> green -> green -> good frame…) even if the video output information is wrong.
However, Tx2 does not work. ===========> PXL_SOF syncpt timeout

The blank period change was made by changing the VSYNC value on the MAX96705.

The MAX96705 had no additional information and was very difficult.

Hi walterkim:
We are facing a problem very similary to yours.However we didn’t quite understand the blank period you mentioned above.Is it the front porch of the video image?Or the vertical blanking interval?
You said that blank period is required in VI. but we didn’t found any specificion in the tx2 TRM document,how to find it ?
Could you kindly help us , thank you very much!!!