Is the source code for libnvds_azure_edge_proto available?

Hi I’m doing some development with a Xavier NX and Deepstream 5.0 connecting modules up to Azure using nvmsgbroker and I’ve got a segmentation fault in my code after an hour or so where I’m being called back by libnvds_azure_edge_proto upon successfully (I hope) sending a message to Azure IOT Hub using a shared connection handle obtained from nvmsgbroker (which the docs say is OK to do). I’m using the new api, rather than legacy.

It would help very much if I could get a full backtrace with GDB but I’ve no way of compiling libnvds_azure_edge_proto with symbols. Also libnvds_azure_edge_proto spits out every message over stdout in the iotedge module log and given this module creates over a million of these per day I’d really like the option of switching them off.

I’ve looked around and there doesn’t seem to be any link to the source code for libnvds_azure_edge_proto, and the place I’d expect it to be in the deepstream sdk just has some test code.

Is there any reason this source code is not released?



Hi @martin.lyons ,
Sorry! DS doesn’t release the source code for Azure.
Infact, src is release only for kafka. Not amqp/azure/redis.



Thanks for the answer. Can I ask that you pass on that this might be reconsidered? As I point out, the default behavior of this library is to write every message sent to stdout which gets put into iotedge logs on the device. For millions of messages each day this is a stress on the SD card. Having source would enable me to disable this.

Also, I don’t understand why it is closed - the libraries above and below it in the hierarchy are open and since the kafka version is available, I’m not seeing what proprietary methods are needed to be kept secret.

Thanks again.

HI @martin.lyons ,
Thanks for your suggestion!
After internal discussion, we decided to release its source code in the following one or two releases.