Is the SPI Boot Flash on Jetson in use?

I’m trying to figure out if a design with eMMC as the only flash memory is ok. Seems that is all a stock Jetson uses, but I wanted to ask just in case. Is the SPI Boot Flash used for anything? If not, what could/should it be used for?

Both EMMC and SPI can used as boot up device on JTK1, The default boot source is EMMC,
You can switch it to SPI by config the boot strapping resistors(move resistor from R8B7 to R3B4 and R8B9 to R3B5 on Page25)
The SPI rom is not needed if you don’t need SPI boot.
SPI + Ethernet replace EMMC is workable and someone did it before.

I would like to store u-boot in NOR spi and boot on it.
is it possible?

from official nvidia doc
“You must flash U-Boot to internal eMMC only”

but from TRMp273:
“SPI4C is used for a SPI interface for secondary boot.”

Who has done it before?
Should I compile U-boot in particular way?
How to flash it?

thank you

In TK1 Jetson, there’s a SPI boot ROM, which can be used as second boot device.


Yes I know…

“How to flash it?”
nvflash will not work.

See my post on how to enable SPI

MTD device should be in /dev as /dev/mtd0 and /dev/mtdblock0
You can read and write to mtdblock0

“is it possible?”
Do not know.

“Should I compile U-boot in particular way?”
Do not know.

Hi- Wondering if anyone on this board is still active?

Despite no active development, the SoC is still available and supported till end of 2024:

People do often ask/answer questions here if that is the question (there are other TK1 products besides the TK1 development kit and those products are still actively produced).

Speaking of the SoC still being available and supported for the TK1, are there any other SoC’s supported for the future products as opposed to the SoM’s?

From what I can tell, Nvidia only supports integrating their product at the SoM level which is somewhat disappointing but understandable since I guess they didn’t want to deal with the additional customer support required to handle customers integrating Nvidia’s SoC’s into customer designs.

I don’t know the details, but to have access to the actual SoC would require a very large purchase (typically a purchase only a large company would be able to support).

Do you know who or what email is the best point of contact to ask for something like this? My company may be able to throw some money at this if the price it right.

You will find a direct sales inquiry link here: