Is the time of allocating the shared memory dependent on the shared memory size?


I wonder whether it is more expensive to activate a thread block with 32KB shared memory than a thread block with 10KB shared memory or even 0. Is it a similar process to CPU dynamic memory allocating? Is the time cost proportional to the shared memory size associated with one thread block?


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Mingcheng Chen
March 23rd, 2013

as far as I understand shared memory is not allocated.
It’s stated during compilation time, and it’s only a suggestion to a compiler, so it knows how many thread blocks can be run at the same time.
Whenever your kernel runs every thread block that is executed gets a pointer to a beginning of chunk of memory of size that you stated.
It’s entirely up to you to make sure you don’t read/write to memory assigned to different thread block, which wouldn’t make sense, as there’s no way to synchronize between blocks.
Hope it helps and if I’'m wrong, please correct me.
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While there is no time cost for increasing the size of a dynamic shared memory allocation itself, your kernel will most likely run slower due to decreased occupancy.