Is there a 6-GPU limit for Windows XP?

Hello, everyone.

Recenty I have built a CUDA platform with 8 GPUs (4 x GTX295 on an Asrock X58 SuperComputer motherboard with latest BIOS). Dual OS(Windows 2003 & Windows XP with SP2) have been installed. The platform works fine under Windows 2003, but under Windows XP it’s always crashed when the OS is trying to recognize the 7th GPU, and everything will be OK if I disable arbitrary 2 of 8 GPUs in the device manager.

I’m wondering if there is such a GPU number’s limit for Windows XP?

I certainly have never tested 8 GPUs under Windows XP, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there is some limit there. Weird that 2003 works, though, since the driver stack should be identical…

If this is the same bug, this guy found a workaround:…=20#entry533803

I don’t think there’s 6-GPU limit for XP. I’ve seen successful 8-GPU installations (4x 9800GX2, similar to FASTRA).

Thanks. XP64 has been reported in many successful cases and is known to be without this problem just like Windows 2003, but my problem is about XP 32bit. Can anybody confirm that whether a 32bit WinXP support more than 6 GPUs?

I was referring to XP32 in my answer.