Is there a bug in PxScene::saveToDescriptor() saving the bounce threshold field?

SDK version 3.2.0.

I am seeing the always the default value in PxSceneDesc::bounchThresholdVelocity no matter what value was assigned during scene creation. Note that the value that was assigned is actually honored, based on observing the behavior of rigid actors, but the value saved to a new descriptor is always the default (2.0).

To reproduce: (from memory could contain typos…)

PxSceneDesc firstDesc(myPhysicsObj->getTolerancesScale);
firstDesc.bounceThresholdVelocity = 6.0;
PxScene* myScene = myPhysicsObj->createScene(firstDesc);
PxSceneDesc secondDesc(muPhysicsObj->getTolerancesScale);
PxReal v_default = secondDesc.bounceThresholdVelocity; // expect 2.0, indeed 2.0
PxReal v_fromscene = secondDesc.bounceThresholdVelocity; // expect 6.0, get 2.0

Other modified fields are saved correctly.


I took a quick look at the code and there does seem to be a bug with saving the bounce threshold velocity. Thanks for tracking that one down.