Is there a command that will tell us why one of the ports on our 516-CCAT adapter will not link to a switch? Or how to detect if there is an error on the port or card?

I have a dual port adapter, and one of the ports link light never turns on when connected to a Mellanox 100G switch using an approved Mellanox copper 100G cable.

I tried "mlxlink -d " and State says “Polling” and never changes, the other port goes immediately to “Active”.

Thanks for any feedback/ideas/…



To check if the configuration of the adapter, cabling, and switch represent a supported configuration, please check the firmware release notes for the adapter/firmware you are using. The latest firmware for the MCX516A-CCAT is v16.31.1014:

For basic physical troubleshooting guidance, please review the ConnectX-5 User Manual:

For more in-depth troubleshooting, please review the MFT User Manual:

In particular, the sections regarding “mlxlink” should provide guidance on checking link parameters on the adapter and cabling.

The MLNX_OFED User Manual also contains many troubleshooting measures as well:

-Nvidia Network Support