Is there a compatible version of torchvision for the current version of pytorch available?


Nicely, I see that there is a python3 wheel for pytorch available to download here:

(This looks to be the latest version, for jetpack 5.0 developer preview)

Is there also a related and compatible version of torchvision available to download as a wheel as well ?

I couldn’t find one.


Actually, I see I posted the link for the jetpack 4.6.1 version but if you have the answer for both versions of jetpack that would be great.


Oh and I see that that wheel for the developer preview jetpack 5.0 is pytorch 1.12 which is listed as latest and untested on the pytorch website, I for one would find the latest stable version to be more practically useful.

Just saying


Hi @KimHendrikse, PyTorch 1.11 for JetPack 5.0 Developer Preview is available here:

PyTorch v1.11.0

For torchvision we don’t release the wheels, so you can build it from source like shown in this thread, or you can use the l4t-pytorch container which already has PyTorch / torchvision / torchaudio pre-installed.

Okay thanks.


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