Is there a convenient debugging tool other than the serial port for the Nvidia nx development board?

I use Nvidia nx development board for embedded development. But when I burn the program and run it, I can’t know why my program crashes, and the value of the variable when it executes a certain instruction, and I can’t track my program, which makes me very distressed. So I want to know the convenient program to enable me to debug the program which running on the Nvidia nx board.

Does your “debug” indicate to check an issue/bug on your program or you are talking about the whole system would go to crash?
Or you don’t know what I am talking about? I mean your question sounds not related to the serial console/port at all.

I am trying to running a image program on the r cortex of the Nvidia NX board,All I can refer to is the serial port printout statement I added to the program. I only judge the program running state from the serial port printout, but this is inefficient.

Please share

  1. which Cortex R you are using.

  2. What program you are running

  3. What error you saw there

  1. ARM Cortex -R5F processor core
  2. Osek OS
  3. The operating system will run for a while and then be terminated by unknown.

Do you have any log to share here?

flash.txt (44.3 KB)
uart output.txt (3.9 KB)
The flash.txt is output of the flash script, and it is suspended in the end.
The uart output.txt is the serial port output of the nx board when the flash script is running, and it is suspended in the end.

Maybe Jetson/AGX Xavier Tegra Combined UART - can help.


Thank you, jachen! This page includes some information about the Tegra Combined uart. But I still don’t know the module is depensible for flashing my program image on r-cortex. Can you tell me?

what do you mean by ‘But I still don’t know the module is depensible for flashing my program image on r-cortex’?

flash command is described at Quick Start — Jetson Linux Developer Guide documentation (


Sorry. Maybe I didn’t make it clear. I am try to flash my own OS image on r core by executing the command “sudo ./ -k spe-fw jetson-xavier-nx-devkit mmcblk0p1”, but this script will execute halfway and then terminate. I selected some debug information before the script was terminated:
[ 10.0141 ] Applet version 01.00.0000
[ 10.3669 ] Sending blob
[ 10.3683 ] […] 100%
[ 11.8682 ]
[ 11.8690 ] tegrarcm_v2 --boot recovery
[ 11.8694 ] Applet version 01.00.0000
[ 12.2052 ]
[ 13.2089 ] tegrarcm_v2 --isapplet
[ 13.2107 ] USB communication failed.Check if device is in recovery
[ 13.8806 ]
[ 13.8875 ] tegrarcm_v2 --ismb2

What’s the UART output in Xavier NX, when the flash fails?
You can try with following steps.

  1. Flash the original SPE firmware, to confirm device works well.
  2. Build SPE firmware from source, without any change, to confirm it works well.
  3. Add some changes in SPE firmware.

If the issue happens in 1/2, maybe something’s wrong with environment.
if issue happens in 3, please check the changes made in SPE firmware.
You can start from simple apps, as described in doc folder of SPE source package.


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The UART output is in the following attachment. The last few lines is my printed debug information.
uart output.txt (3.9 KB)
I have flashed the original SPE firmware and changed SPE firmware, as the result, the device works well.

I have flashed the original SPE firmware and changed SPE firmware, as the result, the device works well.

Sorry that I’m a little confused. As you mentioned ‘changed SPE firmware, device works well’. What’s the problem you met?


Hi, ChenJian. The original SPE firmware can be successfully flashed. In addition, I made a little change in the original SPE firmware(eg: printf(“some debug information\n”)), and it works well. But my OS images can’t be flashed successfully.

What do you mean by ‘my OS’? My suggestion is to base on current SPE source package, with some changes.
If you mean a totally new OS, ported by yourself, NV cannot support that officially.


There is a big difference between being unable to flash, and having the flash install something which does not work. Can you be more exact on whether it is actually the flash that fails, or if it is instead the boot which fails?

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