Is there a diagnostic tool that can capture a debug report for the Mellanox ConnectX-5 adapter?

We have plans to integrate the ConnectX-5 adapter into our solution which will be deployed at the end customer. Need a way to capture the adapter debug info without exposing much of customer’s intellectual property or information.

Is there a way to collect a debug report from the Mellanox ConnectX-5 adapters?

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Even though it’s Mellanox’s hardware and firmware, they won’t provide any support. That is interesting!

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Based on the information provided, our MLNX_OFED and MLNX_EN contains a tool, which is called ‘sysinfo-snapshot’. This tools collects basic system information and detailed adapter information regarding our adapters. The tools produces a tar-ball which contains a HTML file for easy navigation through the collected information.

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What kind of debug information you are looking for? What are you trying to debug? What is the use case?

@Aleksey Senin​ @Martijn van Breugel​

In our solution, we might just end up using the standard Linux driver without the OFED driver. With that being said, we want to make sure that our customer captures the required info that Mellanox might ask for, if an issue ever arises w.r.t. HW or FW. Hence before we ship out the solution to our end customer, we want to make sure that we know what info Mellanox could ask for.

For now, I can think of ethtool -i , ethtool -S , dmesg and syslog.

Anything else that you can suggest?

Also, would it help if we can install Mellanox Firmware Tools?

If yes, what kind of info can we capture, and using which commands?

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If you are using the INBOX driver then support needs to be obtained through the OS vendor. Please see the following link for the full description →

The OS vendor will provide the instructions on what to collect during a support case.

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For OS INBOX drivers, the OS-vendors are definitely responsible for the driver part. In case you are experiencing an issue with the INBOX driver, please open a support case with the OS-vendor. If you are experiencing issues with the h/w or f/w of the adapter, we recommend you to open a NVIDIA Networking Technical Support case by sending an email to

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