Is there a For Dummies version of your Simple C# Example?

I admit I am the dumbest person in the room when it’s just me and my dog, but I do have 20 years of C#. Your “Simple” example doesn’t tell me anything.

Can someone explain what this does, and what you have to do to setup.

My goal is to improve the speed of my graphics library
Nuget DataJuggler.PixelDatabase - a text based image library, that powers

After seeing this example, I know less than I did when I came.

I am not really sure how to even get started, or what parts are best for a GPU vs what to leave for the CPU.

  1. Checking each pixel to see if matches all the criteria given
  2. Apply the update to the underlying class for a PixelDatabase, called a DirectBitmap, much faster than a bitmap.

I appreciate any guidance, as I don’t know what this Parallel code is supposed to do above.

A WinForms example would probably show me all I need to know.