Is there a linux driver for max9286 on Jeson Xavier NX?

As the topic, I want to use max9286 to receive 4 cameras. Any hints will be very very appreciated.

hello kipade,

you may access download center, please check Jetson Virtual Channel with GMSL Framework Guide.
please also check L4T sources for the kernel sources.
for example,

Thanks JerryChang, I will follow the guide and have a try for that. But, I have another question, there is a line says “It is important to mention that Jetson TX1 hardware does not support Virtual Channel IDs (VCID) according to the Technical Reference Manuel (TRM). Moreover, Jetson TX2 hardware supports Virtual Channel IDs BUT the Video Input driver released by NVIDIA does not support VCID at this point so only one camera per deserializer can be used. Figure 1 gives an overview of multiple camera applications at this point (no VCID Support):”, I want to know, does it(4 cameras) been supported for Xavier NX?

hello kipade,

don’t you working with Xavier NX ?

please refer to [Table 1: Maximum Possible Sensor Connections] in GMSL Framework Guide,
you may enable 4x single lane camera as source for CSI brick,

thanks JerryChang. Yes, Im working with Xavier NX, and this is my first try for NVIDIA soc from NXP and TI, there are something new for me. I hope there will be enough support as NXP, TI, etc.