Is there a maximum limit for Kitti tracking logs?

The typical format for Kitti logs is like “00_000_009607.txt”. I wonder if the file name reaches “99_999_999999.txt” when tracking is opened for a long time, what will happen? Starting from 0 again for numbering?

you may refer to the source code in ./sources/apps/sample_apps/deepstream-app/deepstream_app.c: write_kitti_track_output:

    g_snprintf (bbox_file, sizeof (bbox_file) - 1,
        "%s/%02u_%03u_%06lu.txt", appCtx->config.kitti_track_dir_path,
        appCtx->index, stream_id, (gulong) frame_meta->frame_num);

The first and second parts are AppCtx->index and stream_id (pad_index) which will not change for a specific stream. The third part is frame_number which will not wrap to 0 when reaching 999999 (padding 0 if the length is less than 6 but displays real number when the length is longer than 6).

I got it,thanks!

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