Is there a memory leak in the issac software?

Hello, I found a very serious problem in issac.
I open a “.usdz” file in issac, I don’t do anything.
but, after 24h later, memory is full and computer is very slow.
I have to reboot my computer once a day!!!
Why? Is there a memory leak in the issac?
system: ubuntu 20.04
memory: 32G
GPU: A6000

@728034416 i am just another user, but out of curiosity - which version of Isaac Sim are you using?

Have you never encountered the same problem before?

i’ve seen other users reporting memory leak on the forum, so wanted to confirm the version being used first for the benefit of the mods/devs.

it’s odd that the leak occurs with just a file open; other reports were more or less during simulation. so perhaps the devs could offer some insight regarding your particular situation. to that point, if you want to upload the most recent .log file to this thread, it may offer additional info for them to troubleshoot. you can find the .log file here:


Sorry, I can’t commit the .log file. It’s so easy to reproduce this bug. Just open a .usdz file and wait for 24h.

have you confirmed that it’s reproduceable with an empty .usdz file as well? or do you not want to elaborate on what the content of the .usdz either?

all i am trying to do is get more information🙂 there’s not much to go on otherwise besides the file format.

I have finished the test by using a empty .usdz file.
I only opened issac software when test!
The situation is very terrible.
After about 17h later, the memory increased from 10.94G to 30.17G.



got it, thanks for sharing your findings. that said, i’ll defer to the mods/devs on this.

the next thing to test is probably the file format itself. i wonder if formats like .usda or .usd will have consistent behavior?

Yes, but I don’t need to test .usda or .usdc, because one member in our team used .usd* type file.
He also met the same problem and he had to retart ubuntu everyday!

Hi @728034416 - Thank you for reporting this issue. To narrow down further, can you please confirm that you see the same issue if you open other OV app - USD Composer.

Thank you for reporting this memory leak. We will investigate. However, I would not encourage you to leave the app open for so long, when not in use, just from a gpu heat and power, (and cost) point of view. We appreciate the test though. I would encourage you to refresh the app and the gpu memory once a day at least.

One more question. When you reset Issac Sim, do you get all of your resources back ? How about just opening a file or selecting File > New ?

Yes, I can.

When I open a file by selecting File > New, Issac Sim will show the same problem.
You said, “not encourage you to leave the app open for so long, when not in use”.
I just want to ask, Is Issac Sim different with other App?
When I use other App, I usually open a file and don’t close App even several days.
But, my computer’s memory has never grown.
It’s your App problem, you have to admit!!! : ) @rthaker @Richard3D