Is there a minimum fan speed on a Quadro P2000?

I have enabled Coolbits (value 28) in xorg and want to control the fan of my Quadro.
In idle state I would prefer to stop the fan.

Turning it up works but it doesnt allow to turn it down below 44, a minimum speed of 1800rpm. Is this on purpose or should it be able to adjust the fan speed to lower rpms?

Thanks for no response

So, here are my observations and conclusions

  • Yes, the minimal fan rpm ist fixed in the hardware and there is no way to set it below 1800 rpm by software

  • The sound of the original fan has an annoying sound and is not usable for (near) silent usecase

  • I replaced it with Arctic Accelero L2 Plus, which fits perfectly for the wattage. BUT beware, the mounting holes do not fit. I had to drill new ones but it was worth it. Now it doesn’t take an unnecessary amount of space and is still noiseless in the 7W mode. If you don’t want to drill yourself, Accelero Twin Turbo should fit nicely