Is there a newer Ubuntu kernel version available for TX2?

I have a kernel module I want to add that is compatible only with Ubuntu kernel version 4.9. Is there a newer kernel version available for Ubuntu for the TX2?

First question would be : Is this kernel module built for aarch64 or x86 ?

file <where_ever_is_your_module>/your_module.ko

If not aarch64, no way a x86 module can run efficiently on arm64, you should try to see if you can get sources of this driver and compile yourself with kernel sources and config for your kernel version of TX2.

If yes, while the above suggestion would be the best advice if you can get access to driver sources, in case you only have the binary module it might be possible, with some effort, to get a more recent kernel running, but that may imply to loose some nvidia drivers…depends on your use case.

Someone else may comment further what’s acheivable or not.

I’d say the comments are correct. One additional option would be to backport the 4.9 module to the 4.4 kernel if you have the source (not an ideal solution, but possible).