Is there a non-volatile memory on tx2 where we can store data?

I want to store a data on jetson tx2 card. This data should not be deleted even when the operating system is uninstalled. I need a memory to do this. Is there such a field on the TX2 card?

Hi, I am going to move this topic to the Jetson TX2 category so the support team there can respond.

Are you speaking of a TX2 dev kit? Or an NX model dev kit (uses SD card)? Or an eMMC NX model with a commercial carrier board?

Note that most acts which install an image to either eMMC model (both the standard TX2 and the NX) or SD card model (NX only) will partition the memory such that it gets deleted. There is some QSPI memory on the SD card NX model, and this contains boot content, so this too would get erased (the amount of NX SD card model boot content which appears in QSPI instead of the SD card changes depending on L4T release). Thus, knowing a lot more about the model of TX2 and the data you wish to keep (a use-case would help) is important to answering the question.

firstly thank you very much for your interesting. i have NX model dev kit.

How much data are you storing? A “safe” place is problematic, although I could see some minor possibility if the data is small enough. That leaves me with a question for NVIDIA: When flashing an SD card model, is all of QSPI erased and re-written, or does it just add content as needed which might not touch the end of the QSPI memory?

i want to store 1 KB

That modifies my question for NVIDIA: Is there possibly an extra 1KB available in the QSPI? If there is this much extra, then would flash erase the entire QSPI, or would a partition at the end of the “QSPI disk” survive?

Actually i don’t want to store on SD card. I want to for store on tx2 board. for example i want to store it in a memory like eeprom. User can use the software but not access the data I have stored.

QSPI is on the actual Jetson for SD card models (you won’t find QSPI on eMMC models). It is QSPI-NOR storage (QSPI is EEPROM), but NVIDIA will have to answer if it is possible to flash the Jetson without all of QSPI being erased (something I don’t know). Other than QSPI (which normally contains boot content) I don’t think there is another possibility other than storage on the SD itself.