Is there a parameter in 3.2.x similar to NX_SKIN_WIDTH in 2.7.x?

This used to be a SDK wide parameter that controlled the amount of penetration allowed between actors before a “collision” occurs. I found it necessary to adjust this at times to achieve stable stacking. Is there an equivalent parameter, or other method, in the 3.2.x SDK? I do not think this is related at all to the PxCookingParams::skinWidth value. Or is it?

I’ve been looking for this too, but I believe it has been replaced/wrapped with the PxTolerancesScale class.

Hmm. Yes this makes sense. Thank you.

It’s the PxShape::contactOffset. Also check out the restOffset.

Shapes whose distance is less than the sum of their contactOffset values will generate contacts. The contact offset must be positive and
greater than the rest offset. Having a contactOffset greater than than the restOffset allows the collision detection system to
predictively enforce the contact constraint even when the objects are slightly separated. This prevents jitter that would occur
if the constraint were enforced only when shapes were within the rest distance.

Oh nice! So I can tweak the offset individually as well as globally with the default value of 0.02f*PxToleranceScale::length. That should work.