Is there a plan on next Jetpack release for opencv (cuda) support?

There is a opencv 4.11 on jetapck 4.3,but It does not support cuda,like :
gpuMat class.

Hi @leef918,

I hope they will add OpenCV with CUDA support as well in future releases. It is a pretty common configuration that people use. In the meantime you can refer to the following guide to perform a manual installation to add the support


I think it’s mainly a QA topic.
Opencv’s test suite can have hundreds of tests per module.
Although many improvements are made from hundreds to a few tests failing, as far as I’ve been able to check a few weeks ago with a pre-4.3 version, not all are yet perfect and if one among the many tests failed, it would report the module as failing, even if this is just a corner case.
I don’t know about NVIDIA’s QA requirements, it may be less or more restrictive… Someone else may better comment.

Thanks HP, the state of maintenance in opencv_contrib cuda and QA tests are key issues as you mentioned.

Here is our previous comment on the issues at hand - JetPack 4.3 OpenCV Cuda (GPU support)

Hi Dusty,

Hope the Intel/Itseez/NVIDIA disagreement can be cleared.
BTW, building opencv from source with CUDA modules in opencv_contrib is ok in most cases so far, so anyone may feel free to try and let us know.