Is there a porch value that should be set in jetson when using mipi yuv camera?


I want to make MIPI repeater with FPGA, so I want to extend MIPI cables as shown in the following picture.

I think If I’m implementing repeater, I should know the porch value as follow values.

Can you inform to me about below values?

MIPI receive rate

-V total

-H total

-HFP (H Front Porch)

-HBP (H Back Porch)

-HSW (H Sync Width)

-VFP (V Front Porch)

-VBP (V Back Porch)

-VSW (V Sync Width)

Thank you.

Does the porch value configure by SW driver? Those setting from FPGA?

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Thank you.

Maybe consult with vendor would be better.


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