Is there a Power-On-Self-Test with results readable from Linux?

Has anyone come across a power-on-self-test, and if so, how to read the results (assuming enough of the system is operational that Linux can boot)?



hello john.obendorfer,

each JetPack have being test before release.
may i have more details about your use-case?

FYI, embedded systems don’t have the usual desktop POST or BIOS/UEFI. Much of this is migrated into the boot software.

Thank you for your prompt response.

We are integrating the TX2 into a product, and I am assisting with development of manufacturing tests for the assembly.

So this was just a general question: is anything done to validate bootloader images before jumping into them; is anything done to test DDR4; is there any systematic test of the board’s hardware features performed at any point prior to launching Linux, by any of the boot loaders?

If so, we’d like to report the results of such tests in our own testing process.