Is there a recommended chip that can be used instead of RTS5411S-GRT

I am designing a custom board using the Jetson Nano SOM. I noticed that the Jetson Nano dev kit uses the chip RTS5411S-GRT as the USB hub. However this chip does not seem to be available in the market and am unable to buy it. Is there a source I can buy it from or an alternate chip that can be used?

We don’t have such window. You can contact with vendor directly or choose other hub in market.

Will any USB 3.0 hub work? Are there any specific requirements?

We have no special requests on this as it is standard USB port for Jetson, but there might be compatible problem to hub that has not been validated on Jetson or the driver of hub needs to be tuned still.

Is there a list of jetson validated parts somewhere? I couldn’t find any

Please search supported components list in DLC: Jetson Download Center | NVIDIA Developer

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