Is there a way to access condition code register (CC.CF) with PTX?

In PTX ISA, document says this about instruction
“carry-out written to CC.CF”

Is there a way or instruction in PTX ISA to read that register?
I know we can do add two zeros to get that value, but it is more convenient for me to acces it directly.
AMD has register “vcc” for which you can manipulating to control flags for each lane. Just wonder if PTX can do similar operation.

Also off topic, AMD has dpp instructions letting you do shuffling across lanes with “bank mask”, which lets you disable certain lanes and those disabled lanes won’t change destination register. I know for PTX we have shfl.sync with mask as its paramter, but seems like with that mask if I disable one lane I cannot use it as src or dst. AMD’s bank mask can let you disable one lane as dst. It can still be used as src.