Is there a way to configure the model-engine-file dynamically?

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4.5 (latest SD image)
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I’m having a question regarding the config entry model-engine-file. I’m having a configuration, in which I can use up to three cameras, dynamically from the command line, as in the Python “test-3” sample with the files.

As like with the files I’m programmatically change the batch-size parameter according to the found sources (so 1 for one, 2 for two and so on).

This seems to clash with the fixed entry in the config, which always points to just one specific file., e.g./home/neil/jetson/models/primary-detector-nano/resnet10.caffemodel_b1_gpu0_fp16.engine

If now for instance this file was produced with (as the name “b1” says) batch-size 1, everything is OK and the engine loads it and boots up fast, if I start it with one source only. But if I start it with for instance 3 sources, the entire file is re-constructed, which slows down the start (and sometimes also causes a crash).

Is there a way to programmatically configure the engine file w/o having to adapt the config file all the time depending on the number of inputs?

I could als omit the dynamic change of the batch-size, but I don’t know about the consequences.

I think I would be better of if I configure the max batch size (3) by default and don’t change it programmatically. This would allow me to use just one engine file from configuration.

Let me know, if I’m wrong

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try set batch-size=3 in group [primary-gie] and run again