Is there a way to control the side to side movement the head makes?

After almost a year of trying, I finally got this working. The only issue I notice, is the head seems to go side to side it seems.

Perhaps this is because in IClone I had to increase the strength to 300% to get the mouth movements enough.

This is the introduction to my one and only published, and then unpublished audio book, The Libertarian Dictator. It was unpublished because I got mad at Amazon for expecting 60% of every sale, after I spent 6 months writing, 6 months editing and paying a narrator, only to be told I could not use Star Wars as a tag. My characters invented Light Sabers and Land Speeders, so very Star Wars relevant, to me.

Narrated by Jarvis Hooten.

Is there a way to control the head side to side movement?

Hi @DataJuggler Congrats on audiobook publishing and glad you got the head working. Could you share the steps you took that resulted in this scene? Is the head animation coming from A2F or iClone? Is there any settings to dial the head motion in iClone?

As to the head, one thing I had to do in IClone, was increase the jaw open strength in the Audio2Face plugin to 300%, else the mouth would not open enough. Perhaps that causes the head to shake?

I have not tried different settings for emotion strength in Audio2Face or Expression strength in IClone. It is on my to do list to experiment with some of the settings to see if this has any effect. I just posted this question to see if others have noticed this odd behavior and / or is there a known fix. Maybe it is an IClone bug or unintended feature.


If I find a solution I will post back. At the time I was just happy to see this working once after a year of not being able to get it to work.

FYI, the book was published and then unpublished about 7 years ago, because Amazon said I could not use Star Wars as a tag, even though my characters invented light sabers and land speeders.

Thanks for the reply.