Is there a way to download the latest OFED ISO via wget or curl?

We have a number of Linux servers employing ConnectX3 cards. They are in a closed environment and moving files in and out is problematic. We frequently update kernels and need latest sources. The Mellanox web site is very convenient if using a browser but we cannot get past the EULA acceptance using the means at our disposal. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for your comment but it was not responsive to the question. We are fully aware of the means to download while accepting the EULA, as is obvious. We are operating in a closed environment that makes it very difficult to move local files in or out. It is much easier to download from a specific, validated source like Mellanox than to import them locally. There is no intent to circumvent the EULA terms, simply that wget cannot deal with it.

I would appreciate any pertinent response from Mellanox regarding this question.

Update - Given the difficulty downloading an ISO without a browser, we have implemented an effective solution. We removed all the Mellanox cards and replaced them with Intel XL710 cards. While we had no previous inclination to remove our Mellanox cards, this is a much better solution for our situation. Thanks for your help.

You should accept EULA before downloading. You might download it, place somewhere on the fabric and then reuse this location.