Is there a way to finetune yolo_v4 with transfer learning toolkit v3.0?

I am quite new to nvidia-tlt. Currently, I have trained, pruned and retrained the model with the kitti dataset, also am able to do these steps on any datasets with the required kitti format. What I want to do is used a previously trained model on kitti and fine tune it to my own data. The config file have the options pretrained_model_path, resume_model_path and pruned_model_path, So there is no option for the fine-tune in config. If I try to use pretrained_model_path, it throws an exception for the shape. Invalid argument: Incompatible shapes: [6,29484,3] vs. [6,29484,12]

Hi @ahsanmuhammadakram1996 ,
We suggest you to raise your concern in TLT forum to get better assistance.