Is there a way to Load (start up) an nView profile using a macro (VBA) (so the diff NView profiles can be made to automatically come up)?


Is there a way to Load (start up) an nView profile using a macro?
(So the different NView profiles can be made to automatically come up?)

(eg.[something like this in VBA…]
shell("C: \Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NView.exe ““C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NView\Profile Test1"””)

-but with code that would work, of course.


Hi David,

This can be done with the cmd line interface, although I’m not sure this is still currently supported on current releases.

Try using these commands on the cmd line interface:

  1. change dir to nview folder
  2. rundll32 nView64.dll, nViewCmd -> shows help
  3. rundll32 nView64.dll, nViewCmd loadprofile nameOfProfile

Ryan Park

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for the reply. I tried to follow your directions as best I could. (I tried to solve the change directory problem with using the programs full URL) But the code below (Using VBA in excel) does not run nView (so doesn’t of course load the profile). (Note I am able to use Shell to run other programs in this manner.)
I have version 136.28 on a Windows 7. NView itself is working fine on the machine (when I am not trying to get it to go via Excel VBA .

Here is my code that I have tried. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

                        RundllProgramPath = "C:\Windows\System32\rundll32.exe"
                        NViewProgramPath = "C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\nview\nView64.dll"
                        CmdLine = ", nViewCmd loadprofile "
                        ProfilePath = "C:\ProgramData\NVIDIA Corporation\NView\sessionACopy.tvp"                                                          
                                     ' Comment: Now put them all together to use with the Shell() command
           AllCommands = RundllProgramPath & " " & NViewProgramPath & CmdLine & ProfilePath
                                              'Comments: Run with Shell() using NView version 136.28
           RunNVIEWProfile = Shell(AllCommands, 1)     
                                             ' Comment: 1= normal focus

RESULT: does nothing.

Really looking forward to hearing from you,

All the best
David Miers

Oh BTW, I am testing nView with the intention of applying the system to (hopefully) over a thousand machines for use with the NVS810. I realise I am using an older version to run the tests.
So running the profiles via a command line is important. You mentioned that it may not be respected on later software. Could you please check that with the nView software for the NVS810.


And I have tested putting the Excel VBA and macro in the NView folder and running it there with various combinations of your advice. But nothing seemed to work.

Hope you can help,

Hi, Ryan,

The biggest problem is that I cannot get it to even just run Nview (even without loading a profile).
if I can at least run Nview I can set up recording the method to get it to load a profile, but I am stuck.

Your help would be greatly appreciated. (ASAP please!)