Is there a way to log off remotely

I am having a similar problem as this question

In there it says that to remote desktopto a jetson you cannot be double logged in

My situation is the following. I have a AGX Xavier that I was using locally connected to a screen and a keyboard. I disconnected those and I can connect to it via SSH no problem.

However I cannot remote desktop to it graphically.
Is there any way I can log off from it remotely (from my superPutty SSH session) so that I can access it via remote desktop?


If you already removed the screen and keyboard, why do you have to “log off” it remotely?
Is this a one-time work or you need to do that very frequently?

This is kind of ugly, but might work if you are just trying to end a GUI session:
sudo systemctl isolate
…followed by:
sudo systemctl isolate