Is there a way to make CUDA work on SLES11?

I have been working on building a Suse Linux Enterprise Server 11 system to work with 4 NVIDIA 1060 gpu’s. At this point everything is installed except we (those helping me…I am new with LINUX in a lot of ways) come to find out that SLES11 is missing the freeglut-devel package which allows the viewing of samples. My co-worker that’s leagues more experience than I am in Linux says that everything will work fine but these samples made to use freeglut-devel will not be viewable, Is this true?

Also is there a way to build my own freeglut-devel package that will work to make SLES11 work with CUDA? Or does one already exist somewhere?

Thank You

I am using openSUSE 11.1 64-bit without any problems.

freeglut-devel will not be viewable, Is this true?

Why that? Probably if you take any freeglut-devel that is compatible with your system libraries, should be ok.

I use the latest NVIDIA driver 190.32 with a kernel from (upcoming) openSuSE 11.2. I compile the driver module myself against the kernel. When doing so, the compilation script complains, that my gcc (4.3.something) is different from the one (4.4.something) with which the kernel was compiled and that I should expect trouble loading the module. I compile anyway and everything works fine.

You must download the SLE-11-SDK from

Then burn it onto a DVD and add it as an additional Repository in YAST.

You can also add the image as an addition repository in YAST if you got sufficient Hard Disk space.