Is there a way to specify path of '' in the deepstream-app?

So I am trying to create multiple deepstream-apps that need to use gst-dsexample (each having different functions). But right now I can only make install the plugin.
I want to know if there is a way I can point each of my DeepStream apps to it’s respective gst-dsexample?
Something like :
app2 :
and so on.


Is it better to handle your conditional logic in runtime instead of implement multiple dsexample plugin?

You can create library with different names and can link those .so files in respective applications

Hi @bcao,
My apologies for the late reply and Thanks for your answer. I did think of that, but I want to be able to version control each of the app and it’s dependencies. It would be difficult to fallback to a previous version of the Gst-Dsexaple if I make install it everytime I have a new version of deepstream-app1 &deepstream-app2.
So I want to have it all together in one folder.


Hi @amycao,
Yes, I am looking for something like that. Will simply putting the path of the .so file in the Makefile (for deepstream-app) work? I will try this out.


if are not plugin, yes, if they are plugins, you
do not need to.