Is there an easy way to look at world coordinates of a prim which is nested below other off-setted Xforms in Isaac Sim?

I am doing a task in which I have to repeatedly check the world coordinates of different nested prims. Which is why I just wanted to know if there is an easy way to get world coordinates through GUI instead of code like absolute coordinates in Webots.

@s.w.isaac.sim i actually haven’t found a way personally since all the transformation attributes become relative to the root prim of that hierarchy; it’s probably design as intended as far as the GUI/OpenUSD is concerned.

the only workaround that i’ve found (not sure if it’s feasible in your use case) to duplicate it and move it to the stage root xform. the other option is to write a custom extension that is able to use code to extrapolate prim’s world transform with the relative offset into account, then spitting out the final world transform information in a separate widget/window.

but the mods/devs may have better suggestions for us.

I have been doing the first option you mentioned about duplicating and moving it.

Your second option seems viable as well.

But yeah the devs might have better suggestions.

If the object has been added to the scene, you can do:

obj = scene.get_object(name)
position, _ = obj.get_world_pose()