Is there an equivalent to -Wunknown-pragmas for nvc/nvc++

Is there an equivalent to gcc’s -Wunknown-pragmas option for nvc/nvc++?

I had a typo in a pragma that should have caused a compile error, but it didn’t because I also had a typo in the pragma prefix. To illustrate:

#pragma add exit data delete(buff[0:200])

Assume buff does not exist, buf does. But since I also wrote add instead of acc and that is no understood pragma the whole thing just got ignored, which is a somewhat subtle error / memory leak. I couldn’t find anything similar to -Wunknown-pragmas, but since nvc/nvc++ has heavy support for OpenACC and OpenMP, which are both pragma based that would be helpfull?

No, sorry, we don’t have anything similar.

Too bad… That would be a neat feature. Probably not even too much effort? Maybe you can note / request that somewhere?

I added a RFE, TPR #35685, and we’ll see what engineering can do, though no promises that they will.