Is there an extension for replicating props in Columns & Rows

I have tried to use the Flood tool, which is great for leaves or things that can fall in random order.

In IClone, they have a replicator tool, and I have some plug-ins that clone props and arrange them in one or two columns.

I love your group selected feature, I can manually arrange large scenes quickly, but I wish I could evenly space the objects which is harder manually than just Control D and dragging.

I am trying to learn the Python for Omniverse, but if there is a built in way of doing it I could be using the tool now and not Christmas 2023 when I learn how to build a plug-in.

Thanks. I did try reading the Reference guide, but nothing jumped out and told me what I needed that I noticed, with 2 entire minutes of looking.

Hello @DataJuggler! I am looking into how to do this. I’ll post back here when I have more information!

Thank you. I am trying to learn NVidia Code, but you make the documentation TOO EASY to find, so I can’t ask questions about it (forcing me to read!)

Look forward to your answer. It would make a good topic for one of your videos.

Hello @DataJuggler! The development team has informed me that we are developing some layout tools that will allow you to set column & rows when instancing assets. The target release for these tools is later this year.

They suggested, for now, that you may want to try using the Snap Tool to manually duplicate and drag your meshes into perfectly spaced rows and columns.

Tell them thank you for the fast reply. I look forward to the layout tools.

As I learn Python (for Omniverse) I will try and build some also.

(For reference, internal dev ticket numbers for the Array Tool: OM-43958: Align Tool & OM-43964: Array Tool)