Is there an Object tracking gem on Isaac?

Is there an object tracking gem on Isaac? I have not been able to find one.

The ROI to be tracked would be user generated or come from object detection.

I’m looking for a single object tracker, similar to a SIAM tracker, that could have high performance (real time) on the Xavier Nx.

I know there is the April tags demo, but I am looking to avoid using fiducials.


Could you please provide more information for your application? Currently there is no object tracker is available. But we could have based on our priorities and the advantage.

Hi, thanks for the reply.

I am working on a person following application, so I need to identify a specific target to track and follow.
Like the april-tag demo, but I need to be able to choose the object to follow.


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Thanks for information. I will make sure to take your request to our team

Thank you.
Do you have any recommendations for other methods?
The person detection and tracking deepstream example is good, but ID switches on the same person are too frequent to allow me to track a specific person.