is there an off the shelf tablet that is supported ?

i already know it works with hardware dev kits but can it work with a regular tablet (or phone) from motorola,assus, samsung etc … ?

The ASUS Transformer Prime is supported out of the box. There are a number of others, like the Nexus 7 that require root.

We’ll have a new release in the next month or so that will remove a number of these limitations.


nexus 7 rooted does not work (kernel flags are ok but it crashes). i also tried a samsung galaxy tab rooted with cyanogenmod 10 but kernel has not the perf flag so what other tablets works with just a root operation ?


asus transformer tf101 (not prime model) not rooted does not work either (it is stuck at the final “stopping sampling” stage). do you have any hints for this tablet ?


Asus Transformer 3 should work with this