Is there any API named "gymapi.TriangleMeshProperties()"?

I’m trying to learn the paper Learning to Walk in Minutes Using Massively Parallel Deep Reinforcement Learning. I found something that seems didn’t work in its released code.

    def _create_trimesh(self):
        """ Adds a triangle mesh terrain to the simulation, sets parameters based on the cfg.
        tm_params = gymapi.TriangleMeshProperties()

Then the python interpreter reported an error.

AttributeError: module 'isaacgym.gymapi' has no attribute 'TriangleMeshProperties'

I have tried to find TriangleMeshProperties() in the Isaacgym doc, but I still could not find this API right now.

Looking forward for you help!

We will be providing this API in our upcoming release, which should happen very soon. It will be gymapi.TriangleMeshParams().

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Thank you for your reply, that’s very helpful. Hope to try the upcoming release.

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