Is there any device count or maximum number of endpoints in Jetson Nano xhci controller?


we are having errors connecting more than 6 modems 4G in a jetson nano. The error message says:

usb 1-3.4.2: Not enough host controller resources for new device state.

Each modem is creating 9 endpoints, and all of them are connected using a hub between the jetson nano and the modems.

Is there any way we can connect up to 8 of this modems without adding a PCIe xhci? Any help would be appreciated,

Could you please share the output of ‘sudo lspci -vvvv’?

Maybe I haven’t explained the problem well. We want to connect more than 6 USB modems to jetson nano’s xhci.

I’ve commented the possibility of connecting another xhci to the PCIe interface as a possible solution, but at this moment this isn’t an option.

I’m adding the USB tag to the original message and attached is the output of lsusb -vvv.

lsusb_vvv.txt (58.2 KB)

The number of endpoints is hardware limitation. So you would need to shift certain devices to another USB root port.