Is there any field-replaceable over-current protection on the DevKit module?

I did a “bad thing” which caused a short and the NX DevKit module no longer powers up. I can put a Nano module in the NX DevKit carrier and it works so I’m pretty sure it’s the module. Are there any fuses on the module that can be tested and replaced with proper re-work equipment?

What is your real question? It is different between your topic title and content…

For broken module, you can run RMA process as listed in below linkage and ask the question online.

The “bad thing” I did was accidentally short something on the carrier board that caused the module to die. I thought maybe there was some physical fuse on the module that I could test and replace. In any case, since it was my fault, I didn’t think an RMA was appropriate so I just bought a new DevKit. Knowing that, if you think I can still RMA it, I’d be glad to. :)

No such fuse. You can try RMA.