Is There Any Guide On How To Use Live Session

Hello sir/madam, just want to know is there any tutorials or guide that describes about Live Session code. The code is from connect sample. I tried to run it thru the run_live_session bat file. I manually set the stagePath. I have attached the changes in code in PNG format. But not sure what happens after creating a new session. It just ends like that. Please do advise me on my next step or share some guides to follow on how it works. Thanks in advance.


Hi Salvin,
Thanks for the question. I am assuming you mean a ‘local’ live session between your design software and Create ? Or are you talking about a group session between multiple people ?

Assuming you mean the first, a local live sync, you create a usd file in your DCC and save it into your local Nucleus file system. Saving it in “Projects” would be a good start. Then you open Create, and then open the same USD file. Once both Create and your DCC are up and running with the same file open, you can pick either one and create a new Live Session. Then with the other software you can join that session. You do this via the “lightning bolt” icon in your software, and the LIVE button in Create. Once the two softwares are connected by a live session you are good to go. No Code needed.