Is there any in-built mechanism or suggestion for best detection selection within the same track?

Hi, i am currently using the nvTracker plugin to track my detection. Is there any in-built method or suggestion to extract the best detection in a given track ?

Do you mean detection confidence or track confidence? Can you share more about your use case? So I can understand your requirement and give advice.

Hi kesong, i understand that the track and detection confidence can be extracted from nvdsobjectmeta by adding a probe at the nvtracker element. The use case is to send a detection for a given track to perform further task beyond the deepstream pipeline. Instead of sending the latest detection for a given track periodically, we are interested to selectively choose a best detection (this best detection may not be the latest detection) to send. May I know if there is a way we can extract the past detections used for the current track and/or any mean to select the best detection (can be based on detection/track confidence or other measures if any) from them. Thanks.

No, but you can buffer the detection and select the best one in your application.

How can i buffer the detection ? Will i be able to store the nvdsobjectmeta persistently ?

I think you can buffer everything your are interested. But you need to copy and then release gstbuffer to pipeline.

Do you mean to create a NvDsUserMeta containing the information that i am interest and attach it to track’s NvDsObjectMeta ?

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No, I mean you copy the meta data which you are interest into your own buffer. So you can search it later.

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